About us

TOS Svitavy, joint-stock company was founded in 1948 and now has more than 70 year tradition in machinery production namely in production of woodworking machinery and universal self-centering chucks.

  • TOS Svitavy was transformed to joint-stock company in 1991. Firm was fully privatized in 1996. Major owner is B.G.M. Holding, a.s. company. There is implemented quality assurance system as per EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1997 in the firm. Products are certified according with European norms CE.
  • The firm employs about 150 employees. Main part of production is exported to ca. 50 different countries. The biggest turnover is achieved in following countries: Polsko, Slovensko, USA, Velká Británie, Francie.
  • The firm disposes of own capacity for research and development.

All the machines are produced with simple or NC control in many variations and with respect to maximal rigidity and durability.

TOS Svitavy provides elaboration of complete technologic studies and projects inclusive realization:

  • sawmills
  • production of windows and doors
  • joinery shops
  • production of furniture
  • production of glued scantlings
  • production of battenboards etc

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